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Foil Blocking, Triplexing
For those of you that read our blog, you are probably well aware that we like a challenge here at Century HQ!! So when this project landed in my inbox, I was rather excited. Printed using our HP Indigo 7900 onto Colorplan White Frost from the GF Smith range, before being triplexed with Colorplan Scarlet and foiled in 6210 & 6748 from the Foilco range. With overlapping foil it proved tricky but successful with both client and end user being thrilled with the final results.

Did you know Century Studios can duplex and triplex, this process involves glueing two or three pieces of board together giving you whatever weight you’re heart desires. The project featured below was actually sixplexed, I’m not sure that word actually exists but bear with me. The centre features four different shades of Colorplan with the outer consisting of Colorplan Pristine White Gravure embossed giving a total weight of 1050gsm. For more information contact me at