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Foil Blocking

Bringing Foil Blocking in house

Foil blocking is something that Century Studios has been involved in for many years. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that we decided to bring it in house. By doing this, we have been able to speed up the production time enabling us to offer this beautiful process at a more competitive price. The decision to bring foil blocking in house was calculated. Although the hot foil process requires a block or die, commonly made from magnesium or copper, it gives a far superior result. Far Superior than that of cold foil blocking, achieving a wonderful indentation to each project we produce.

The right equipment

The next question was what type of machine should we purchase? This was a very easy decision for Jon and I. Century Studios already has a Heidelberg Platen installed in the building. This much loved pieced of equipment, used for die-cutting a whole host of items. We have had this with us since we opened our doors and started our wonderful journey. Having never missed a beat or broken down, this German feat of engineering was the obvious choice when looking to upgrade our machinery. After much research, we finally found a supplier who could provide us with a fully refurbished and converted Heidelberg Platen. With the combination and sheer brilliance of old and new technologies, we knew this would give us exactly what we were after. Next, we sourced a UK based foil supplier in Foilco. Foilco gave us access to the largest range of hot foil colours, different finishes and specialist pigment foils available.

In review

So now, three years later and hundreds of diverse projects completed, including several for Foilco, we haven’t looked back. To see some of our lovely samples, discuss a project or for more information, please contact one of our friendly team at Century Studios.